Picking Petals Kit-Mini Quilt-by Taunja Kelvington for Carried Away Quilting with Hope Chest 2 fabric now available!!

Kits are now available, they are going fast so don't delay! We will keep up as fast as we can for the large demand. Just to make you aware, we have had dozens asking for us to make this available, and when Penny Rose posted this on their Instagram & Facebook account we had thousands of likes and shares.  We have more inventory on the way for those that order now and we will be placing another order from our wholesaler again tonight. We really appreciate our customers, thanks so much!

Allison & Ryan

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  • Allison Cotton says...

    Hi Dotty,

    The kit is 29.95 and it includes the backing for the quilt as well. If you click on the big picture of it in our slide show when you first come to our website it will take you straight to the kit and you can order it from there. Thanks Dotty.

    Allison Cotton

    July 29, 2016

  • Dotty says...

    How much is the kit and how do I go about ordering it ? Thank you!

    July 29, 2016

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