New Timeless Rewards Points are here!!!

Hello my quilting friends, 

      I am happy to announce we now have our rewards program in place.  For all our great customers that have already ordered from us, I have added points to their accounts from the previous purchases that they have made.  If I have made a mistake somehow, please email me at and let me know so I can take a look and correct my mistake. 

      So, onto the rewards system.  Once you create an account and your first order is placed, for every dollar you spend you will receive 3 points, and each point is worth 1 cent towards money saved on future purchases.  After 300 points you will gain a $3.00 off discount on any order you would like to use it towards.  You will have the option to use your points during checkout, or you can save them up for a bigger purchase later on.

    A second way to earn Timeless rewards is to give your friends a gift of 10% off on their first order and you get 5 Timeless Rewards Points when your friends make their first purchase.  To refer a friend log into your account and email them the referral link in your account.

      Remember please, for the reward points, you will need to create an account with us so that are system can give them to you.  When you log into your account you can check the balance of your Timeless Rewards points.  These points will be automatically added after each purchase.  You will receive points towards the purchase price of the products, but not shipping.

      How our reward point system differs from other companies is that we allow points on everything purchased.  Including clearance items, all items that are on sale, or any sales that we may have going on for our already below retail prices.  From what I can see all of our competitors do not offer this for their rewards system.  We are so excited to offer you this to you and I hope you are as well.  Thanks so much!

Allison Cotton