Please come join my Facebook Group!

I have started a Facebook group called My Timeless Day Quilting & Sewing. To be able to see some of the creations that my customers are making from purchases made at my store would be so wonderful to experience. I would also love to see projects you are working on even if you are not a customer of mine. I will also post and talk about the projects I will be working on as well. Below is the description and link of the group and I hope you will join me in helping the group blossom and grow by posting all things Quilting and Sewing related. Just search for My Timeless Day and when you find it please click on the join button to be invited to the group.  Here is the link!

Group Description-
Please feel free to share quilting and sewing ideas, patterns, pictures of quilts or projects, and any other quilting and sewing related topics. All Quilters and people that Sew are welcome!! Please note I have made this an OPEN group. If your quilting projects need to be kept secret, or you don't want someone seeing a project you are working on for them, you should reconsider posting in this group. I would like this to be a great place to share and learn from each other!

I also own a Quilting and Sewing online store in which I sell Quilting fabrics, patterns, and notions. To be able to see some of the creations that my customers are making would be a true blessing to me.