Jelly Roll Rug 2

R.J. Designs

$9.50 $10.00

Jelly Roll Rug 2

  • From R.J. Designs 
  • by Roma Lambson
  • Approximately 32 in x 42 in area rug made from one Jelly-Roll, forty-two 2-1/2 inch fabric strips, and 100 percent cotton batting.
*You will need a sewing machine that will make at least a 5mm wide zig-zag.

    Supply list for making your Jelly Roll Rug-

    1 Jelly Roll 

    100% Cotton Batting 

    Size 14-18 Sharp/Jeans Sewing Machine Needle

    1 Large spool of thread; at least 1200 yards

    Mary Ellen's Best Press

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