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Precuts are the perfect way to save you time and money! Coordinating your fabric collection for your next sewing or craft project is already done. Precuts are the way to play with all the yummy fabric in one line without individually selecting each piece. Most of the cutting is done also! Fat Quarters are the most common Precut and a scrap collectors delight! Machine cut or cut by hand, a Fat Quarter gets its name from a Half Yard of fabric cut in half then in half again the opposite direction, making it a "fat" quarter yard measuring 18" x 21". Fat Eighths, on the other hand, are cut one additonal time to measure 9" x 21".  1 Yard and 1/2 Yard Bundles are also common Precut selections.  

Layer Cakes and 10" Stackers are the same size, a 10" square cut, but vary from fabric line and manufacturer in number of pieces. Charm Squares and 5" Stackers are both 5" square cuts but vary from fabric line and manufacturer in number of pieces.

Another popular Precut size are the Jelly Rolls and Rolie Polies, which each have a width of 2.5" and 42" long strips"  Just as in the previously mentioned Precuts, each fabric line and manufacturer determines the number of pieces per roll.  

Mini Charms and 2.5 " stackers measure 2.5" x 2.5". Jolly Bars are 5" x 10". Honey bun 1 1/2" strips, like the Jelly Rolls only not as wide. Moda Treat  and Bitty Stackers 3.5" x 3.5".  3.5" Strips are also now becoming available and 7" Stackers.

Precuts make sewing easy and even more fun!